About project

APAXA GUI (AGUI) is a cross-platform graphical user interface toolkit written in GoLang.

Short demo of APAXA GUI.
Music: «Summer» from Bensound.com.
Source code of first application can be found on GitHub.

It consists of:

  1. Drivers — platform dependent packages which allow other parts to communicate with platform-native APIs/Frameworks (such as Cocoa on Mac OS and Direct2D on Microsoft Windows) on GoLang.
  2. GUI — package implements basic concepts of user interface (such as creating window, manipulation with events, arrangement of controls).
  3. Controls — library with standard controls (aka widgets).

Implementation is flexible — it is possible to use driver in your own GUI toolkit (drivers are independent of GUI & Controls). Or you can implement your own driver for AGUI. And of course you can implement custom controls and ignore standard ones.

But you must know that AGUI is not currently production ready. It is even not in alpha state.

Feel free to contact us: contact@apaxa.io.

Investments and donations

We are looking for investments. Contact for investors: investments@apaxa.io.

Donations are also appreciated.